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It’s hard to believe I started my career in real estate almost thirty-five years ago. Over the years, I focused on the functional areas of our industry and built a more disciplined approach to confronting the challenges surrounding the ownership of investment real estate. As vice president at Williams Real Estate in 1993, I was responsible for much of the leasing support and back office functions for a 150-building portfolio in New York City, but it was time for new challenge—it was time to take what I had developed and try it out on my own. In order to remind us and our future clients of the importance of sound business practices and their application to real estate, we named the newborn firm Business Solutions Inc.

Seventeen years later, these practices continue to evolve but still center on experience, dedication, accessibility, and communication. Over the last twelve years, we have developed a specialized practice which focuses on the government property sector. Yes there are bottlenecks, frustrating contracting regulations, and “unique” governmental approaches to negotiations, but we succeed on behalf of our clients despite these potential roadblocks. Our unique business practice has enabled Business Solutions Inc. to become a trusted advisor, manager, and consultant for our clients in this space.

I invite you to call me directly to discuss how we can assist you in all areas pertaining to the evaluation and management of buildings occupied by the federal government.

Alan Ilberman
President, Business Solutions Inc.